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We grow businesses by providing award-winning digital marketing services supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


We do things a little differently around 5th & Melody.


When you sign up for 5th & Melody, you are signing up as a partnership. We want you to have as much success as possible, and that is why we create a personable experience from the start—the corner of 5th & Melody, where business meets success.


We offer AI SEO; our AI SEO platform allows us to get you a lot more wins 10x faster than our competitors. We can join conversations happening right now about your product and get you the exposure you need to rank. In addition to our SEO plans, we offer many other services like Local SEO, PPC Management, Reputation Management, Content Marketing. Social Media Management, Email Marketing, and Productivity & Operations.

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We build, manage, and host your custom website for one monthly price with our web design plan — no considerable upfront cost or complex legal contracts. We base our design on accurate user testing and research. Our all-in-one website plan comes with easy editing, SEO optimization, blog, e-commerce, and many more features to give your customers a seamless experience.

In addition, we offer a prestigious web design plan; this plan requires a lot more client face time and a complete cycle of strategic planning and research.

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