Ai Media Group

Ai Media Group

Smarter Media. Stronger ROI.

Ai Media Group is a leading partner for media strategy, execution, and attribution. Strategically driven with 15 years of experience and backed by Blackstone, our people + platform provide world-class media management and marketing attribution.

As a 2-time Google Agency Cup winner, we’ve worked with clients such as: Spectrum, Oscar De La Renta, Hilton, Ferrari, Hard Rock Hotel, United, Panasonic, Vizio, Lexus, and more.

Media Management: Paid Search, Social, Programmatic, Connected TV, CRO/CRM, Creative, SEO, Reporting, Analytics, Insights, and more.

Attribution Platform: With Atrilyx, see which of your media channels are really moving the needle. You get:

-1 holistic reporting platform
-Unbiased, all click attribution
-Deduped conversions
-Full customer journey
-Omnichannel strategy
-Expert led insights & optimizations

Maximize your media with a 360° approach, using our patented media attribution platform. Attribution is our edge to unify the customer journey, providing you with an unbiased view of which of your media campaigns are actually driving performance.

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