Operating at that beautiful intersection where the latest technology and verified human-driven sales techniques meet, HANGAR49 puts you on the flight path to rocketing up revenue by helping you accelerate at what you do best – selling, not searching.

We utilise marketing technology and top-of-the-funnel approaches to connect you with everyone out there who wants what you’re offering. Whether it’s by giving you access to a refined and responsive client base or upgrading your business in the areas it needs help the most to reach its full potential, HANGAR49 promises to be your co-pilot in flying high towards a new and better horizon.

“We get clients to touch unknown faceless people with our model that is far-reaching, consistent and scalable. We impact lives and add value by creating meaningful conversations.”

-Alon Lichtenstein, Chief Fighter Pilot at HANGAR49

117 Waterkant St Cape Town, South Africa ,8001,New York