Lasting Trend

Lasting Trend

Lasting Trend is a New York-based digital marketing agency. Our team helps law firms generate a predictable amount of monthly online leads from content marketing by using our Client Journey Content strategy.

We help you:

  • Attract more cases with helpful, compelling content
  • Ensure accuracy: We assign 1 content writer paired with a paralegal to fact check every piece of content we create for you
  • Promote the content on your social media channels and Google

The strategy contains 3 steps:
1️⃣ Client Journey – Digital map of your client’s journey to discover you
2️⃣ Intentional Content – “Client focused” content development and strategy
3️⃣ Digital Traffic – Test and redesign strategy based on analytic data

After working with us, one of our clients, Moshes Law, increased their online traffic by 50x and went from 0 to 10 leads coming in per day. A full case study:…

If you are a good fit we can help you with:
✅ Creating your law firm’s digital marketing strategy
✅ Running entire SEO for your law firm
✅ Writing niche-related, authoritative, and evergreen content
✅ Increasing website traffic
✅ Improving online brand awareness & recognition

🤝 If you’re ready to start maximizing leads with great content contact us for a free discovery session.

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