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SEM Nexus

Startup App Experts | NYC AI App Developers

Who We Are:

We are the nations hottest startup AI specialized, mobile app development and marketing agency. We have been using AI to help launch a variety of mobile apps and web companies from their inception, including AI apps themselves. We can attribute a lot of our success to our affordable pricing, agile process, and cutting edge methodology, which has made us capable of attributing more of the clients budget to growth. We are always willing to adapt to the market, and are always at the forfront of the AI and mobile app scene.

In the recent months, we’ve leveraged the power of AI to improve our processes, and have excelled at development of AI appplications.

Why You Need Us:

The vast majority of good apps and products never get to see their time in the spotlight. This is due to poor/lack of marketing. Founders often believe that a good product is enough to be noticed on its own, this is no longer the case in todays market.

How We Make It


  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • What do people get from it?
  • Main Competitors?
  • Who are our target users?
  • How is it going to get monetized?


  • Create Wireframes
  • Design the look and feel of the app
  • Develop Prototypes
  • User Test
  • Build Brand Development


  • Agile development
  • iOS, Android, ReactNative
  • React.js, Ruby On Rails
  • Node.js, Java, .NET

How We Market It:

The SEM Nexus Process uses a combination of SEO/ASO, Google/Apple ads, social media ads and influencers to acquire users, followed by in-app/web analytics to retain active and paying users. We follow our checklist rigourously:

  • Social Influencers
  • Digital Ads
  • Web/App Analytics
  • VC Prep

As you can see, virality requires capital. Our initial proof of concept campaign will aid you in proving that your app can be a success. Then we can prepare you for the funding required to further scale.

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