The Pollack Group

The Pollack Group
An independent creative, digital, marketing, and public relations agency. We work with iconic global brands, ambitious new challengers, and regional mainstays, all of whom have a positive impact on people’s lives and livelihoods. We offer clients a disruptive approach and have attracted clients of every size across all industries. Our foundational approach is to understand the human issues that help clients connect with their target audiences and the media. In 2000, we joined The Worldcom Public Relations Group, enabling us to deliver success for our clients on the world stage. Worldcom puts us at the heart of the latest innovative approaches to communications from leading experts around the world.

We deliver the best results when we partner with clients who:

  • Provide disruptive solutions that benefit conservation, the environment, and the planet.
  • Need to punch above their weight to achieve their goals.
  • Have leaders who understand they need ideas with real cut-through to seize market share.
  • Take the advice of specialists.
  • Want to be a market leader and hate coming in second place.
  • Understand they need to outsmart the competition to succeed, and welcome experts who can help them do that.
  • Want to reinvent themselves to create a stronger bond with their audiences.
  • Challenge our team to employ new techniques to tap into consumer behavior trends.

Established in 1985, the agency is led by senior professionals who are involved with every aspect of a client’s program and available to them on a day-to-day basis or per need. Learn more about our work here:

1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1040 Los Angeles, CA, United States ,90067,New York