Together Agency

Together Agency

Together is a full-service studio specializing in brand, communication, and digital design. We work with serious startups and ideal-driven companies to make sure brand and product work together.

We are highly collaborative, detail-oriented, candid, and optimized. We believe in daily progress. We expect moving targets. We get that your brand is part of your legacy so it’s best to do it well.

What We Do

  1. Research & Strategy: collecting insights from consumers, competitors, and trends to pinpoint your brand positioning and the path forward.
  2. Brand Systems: creating identities and design systems that align vision, voice, and visuals.
  3. Digital Design: user-centered design to create intuitive and results-driven e-commerce platforms, marketing websites, and interactive apps.
  4. Digital Development: full-stack tech solutions to bring sophistication and a seamless brand experience.
  5. Experience Design: envisioning the end-to-end experience and making sure each touchpoint leaves the best impression.
  6. Content & Marketing: brand-aligned social media, photography, digital marketing, and PR for powerful follow-through.

How We Work

We find our best, most impactful work comes through partnership with our clients. When we can think through brand, digital, business, and marketing strategies with them in real time. When we can collaborate beyond agency boundaries and interact as if we’re all on the same team (because really, we are). When our clients know we’re in the trenches with them as they navigate business-building twists and turns, not just watching from the sidelines.

We merge strategy, design, and content to move you through each evolution of your brand. Each project is unique in approach, delivering faithfully on three core qualities for business success:

  • Clarity on who you are, why you’re different, and your signature touch.
  • Confidence in your presentation, from website to multi-million dollar pitch.
  • Cohesion between your product and your brand. (It’s a really good feeling.)
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